Unlock Winter Energy Savings: DIY Tips, Hacks, and Big Rebates Await!

As we embrace the winter chill and toast to a brand-new year, it’s the perfect time to ENSURE YOUR HOME STAYS COZY WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK. Here are some energy efficiency tips and hacks to keep your winter energy bills in check.

Draft-Proof Your Domain: Drafty windows and doors are like secret passages for chilly air. Seal gaps and cracks with weatherstripping or caulking to keep the cold at bay. You’ll be amazed at the difference this simple step can make.

Thermostat TLC: Your thermostat is the maestro of winter warmth. Set it to an optimal temperature that keeps you comfy without overheating your home. And remember, lowering the temperature a few degrees when you’re asleep or away can lead to big savings.

DIY Heat Efficiency Hacks: Get crafty with your heating efficiency! Use draft stoppers at the base of doors, reverse ceiling fans to push warm air down, and open curtains during the day to let in natural sunlight. Small changes, big results!

Check Your Heating System: Regular maintenance ensures your HVAC system runs efficiently. Change filters, clean vents, and schedule a tune up with Sure Temp to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Claim Your SAVINGS

But wait, there’s more! If your AC and Heating system is due for an upgrade, we’ve got exciting news. Salt River Project (SRP) is offering a great rebate on new energy-efficient air conditioning systems. When you make the switch, you can receive up to a generous $1,125 back! It’s an offer too good to resist. PLUS there are some more rebates we can help you lock in!  Read more about SRP’s rebates: https://www.srpnet.com/energy-savings-rebates/home/rebates/residential-rebates

At SureTemp, we’re your trusted East Valley HVAC experts, here to help you achieve the perfect balance between comfort and savings. If you have questions about optimizing your thermostat, HVAC maintenance, or exploring energy-efficient options, we’re just a call away.

Let’s make every season in the East Valley comfortable and cost-effective. Here’s to a fresh start filled with savings and comfort in the New Year! 🌞❄️🏡

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