Air Conditioner Tune Up For Fall

Air conditioner and heat pump units outside home

Getting an air conditioner tune-up can save you money on future repairs. In addition, a tune-up can extend the life of your system. Read on to learn more about air conditioning tune-ups and how you can perform them on your own. Air conditioner tune-ups are recommended for your system twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

Air conditioner tune-ups are performed in the fall and spring

Fall and spring are the best seasons for air conditioning tune-ups. This is because technicians are more available during these seasons, and some companies offer special deals. Having your AC tune-up done now can save you money and prevent an emergency later on. Regular maintenance is also essential to extending the life of your HVAC system, which can save you from purchasing a new unit.

Performing tune-ups on your air conditioner is recommended at least twice a year, if not more. Doing this can reduce your cooling and heating bills by as much as 20%. It is also a good idea to schedule a maintenance appointment before the weather turns hotter. Depending on the type of air conditioner you have, it may be necessary to schedule your tune-up in advance of the summer months.

They can save you money on repairs

Fall is a perfect time for air conditioning tune ups. The temperature in the fall and spring is milder than in the summer, so service call technicians don’t have to rush to fix your unit in the middle of a hot summer day. Having your AC tuned up can also help you save money on repairs during the summer and winter months.

A fall HVAC tune-up can also detect small issues before they become major. This will help you avoid having to spend money on repairs, or worse, buying a new HVAC system during Thanksgiving. A technician can check for any problems and recommend necessary repairs. This service will also validate the warranty on your HVAC system.

They can prolong the life of your system

HVAC tune ups are a smart move to prolong the life of your system. HVAC equipment is designed to last 12 to 15 years, and furnaces are even longer. Unfortunately, aging equipment will reduce energy efficiency, causing utility costs to creep upward. As a result, older HVAC equipment will have a higher likelihood of needing emergency repairs. To avoid such situations, schedule tune ups at least twice a year.

Refrigerant levels are an essential part of any AC system. HVAC technicians check refrigerant levels with a digital gauge, which provides more precise readings. This is important because refrigerant levels can decrease the efficiency of the system and can even be harmful if they are too high.

They can be performed on your own

As fall begins, your heating and air conditioning system will require some attention. While some steps can be easily done by you, others will require a professional’s help. At SureTemp Air Conditioning, we can offer HVAC tune-ups in Phoenix, AZ.

Performing an AC tune-up is a great way to get a more efficient AC system, which helps the environment and your wallet. A high utility bill can be frustrating and difficult to save for. It’s also a reminder that bigger expenses are coming right under your nose.

If you need an AC Unit Tune Up or Air Conditioner Maintenance in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale or surrounding areas contact Sure Temp Air Conditioning for help.