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  • Air conditioner and heat pump units outside home

    If your air conditioning unit keeps running, there are a few different causes. First of all, it could be weather related. Then, the unit could be running slower or more frequently than it should. In these cases, the […]

  • Technician performing air conditioner repair on an outdoor unit on side of house

    Sept. 25 is National Tune-Up Day, a reminder that you should have your HVAC system maintained regularly. Why do I need a tune-up? Your system should get a thorough once over on a regular basis. Regular maintenance saves […]

  • HVAC technician standing next to outdoor heat pump and air conditioner units performing AC maintenance

    If your Air Conditioner is on but not working, there may be several reasons why it is not working properly. These include loose thermostat parts. If this is the case, you need to check the wiring schematics in […]

  • An HVAC technician performing a test on an air conditioner unit

    When your HVAC system is acting up, it is important to seek HVAC Repair services. In many cases, this can lower your monthly bills. In other cases, you may be dealing with strange noises and smells. It is […]

  • Technician performing air conditioner repair on an outdoor unit on side of house

    Whether you need to call a professional or fix the air conditioner yourself, there are many ways to diagnose your unit’s problems. You may notice water in or around the unit, frost on the lines, warm air, or […]

  • Air conditioner and heat pump units outside home

    A simple way to ensure that your air conditioner keeps running at its peak efficiency is to clean it regularly. Here are some tips: Check the air filters, clean condenser coils, and check air vents. Using a fan […]

  • Technician performing air conditioner repair on an outdoor unit on side of house

    When it comes to selecting an AC Repair company, safety is the number one concern. Make sure that the company is licensed and offers reasonable rates. Do a comparison of rates before hiring an AC repair company. It’s also […]

  • HVAC technician repairing air conditioning unit at an apartment complex

    Whether you are having problems with your central air conditioning system or need to have your AC repaired, there are several things to look for before calling for AC repair service. First, know what the typical problems with […]

  • Carefree small daughter jump on bed while vietnamese mother laughing

    If you have a central air conditioning unit in your home, you might be thinking about getting an HVAC Repair. While there are several things you should know before calling a contractor, the first thing you need to do […]

  • Close-up of air conditioner unit

    There are several reasons why you should regularly schedule your Air conditioner’s service. These include safety and energy efficiency. The first step in an AC Repair is to determine the exact problem. A technician will examine your thermostat to determine the […]