Need A Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) Repair In Phoenix?

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The thermostatic expansion valve, or TXV, is one of the most important components of your AC system. It controls the flow of refrigerant through the condenser and evaporator. If it fails, the system will not run correctly. You will need to have the valve repaired to ensure that your system will work properly.

TXV Cost Estimate

TXVs are usually not cheap to replace. According to HomeAdvisor, a standard replacement will cost between $100 and $500. There are several factors to consider when you’re looking to replace your TXV. And sometimes you can get lucky if you have a newer AC unit is could be under warranty.

TXV Malfunction Signs

When the TXV is faulty, it can cause your HVAC system to malfunction. Your air conditioning unit will not be able to cool properly and it can also lead to a leak of refrigerant. This can also affect the performance of your heat pump.

A faulty TXV may be due to moisture or debris in the evaporator coil, or it can be due to dirty air filters. Cleaning the coil and ductwork can help prevent clogging and the need for a TXV repair. In addition, a clogged return air vent can cause a TXV to fail.

A clogged TXV can also result in a refrigerant leak. Whether the problem is caused by moisture or debris, a professional should be contacted. Not only will a professional have the skills to deal with these problems, but they will be able to offer lasting solutions.

Unlike most homeowners, who are able to diagnose issues with their own equipment, an AC repair professional like Sure Temp Air Conditioning will have more advanced testing equipment and can provide lasting solutions to your problem. A technician will look for specific symptoms to determine what’s wrong with your AC system. They will also take baseline readings of the superheat and subcooling. Having these records will enable them to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Another issue that can result in the TXV not functioning properly is oversizing. Oversize components can limit the flow of refrigerant and cause the system to not work properly. If you’re wondering what type of size should be used, check with your local HVAC technician.

An HVAC service technician should also perform a thorough inspection of the TXV. These professionals can tell if the sensing bulb has been damaged or is not in its proper position. If the bulb has a loose mounting, it will not be able to read the refrigerant temperature.

Once a tech has determined that the TXV is faulty, he or she will need to replace the entire unit. Since this can be a complex repair job, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to do it for you. Otherwise, you could end up spending more on unnecessary parts.

Besides checking the TXV, the technician will need to take other measurements and readings to confirm that the valve is the problem. If he or she notices that the refrigerant charge is low, the technician will add refrigerant. He or she will then determine the cause of the overheating and recommend a solution that will help the AC system run better.

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