How to Beat the Arizona Sun and Keep Your AC Running Strong!

Embracing the Arizona heat like a pro as the heat cranks up to ‘bake’ mode! There’s no denying that our state knows how to turn the temperature dial to the max. It’s not just sunshine – it’s a full-on heatwave adventure! During the scorching summer, your AC unit has been working extra hard to keep you cool. Summer has a little sizzle left before saying goodbye. Here are some important tips to make sure your AC keeps blowing out cool air efficiently.

Keep it Clear 
Look around your outdoor AC unit and make sure nothing is blocking the air. Trim any bushes or plants near it. When air can flow freely, your AC works better and doesn’t get stressed.

Change the Filters
Dusty or blocked filters can really slow down your AC. Change the filters often so air moves well and dust doesn’t get inside.

Give It Some Shade
If you can, give your outdoor AC some shade. Too much sun makes it work too hard, which can use more energy and cost more money. Planting trees or using covers for shade can help a lot.

Stop Leaks and Add Insulation
Good insulation helps your AC keep the inside temperature steady. Check your home for leaks, especially around windows and doors. Having enough insulation stops cool air from getting out and hot air from getting in.

Get Professional Help
Call experts to check your AC regularly. They’ll make sure everything is working right, the coolant is good, and they’ll fix small problems before they get big.

Set the Thermostat Right
Pick a comfy temperature on your thermostat that’s not too cold. This helps your AC work better. When you’re inside, you can set it a bit warmer to give the AC a rest.

Sure Temp: Making Your AC’s Job Easier
As the Arizona summer comes to an end, your AC needs some care to finish strong. These tips will help your cooling system keep working well, giving you a comfortable and cool home.

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