How to Estimate the Cost of an AC Repair

service technician shaking hands with a home owner

When you have a broken AC unit, it is best to call for professional help from a top review AC repair company like Sure Temp Air Conditioning. This can save you the stress and inconvenience of dealing with it yourself. Often, an experienced AC technician can help you diagnose and fix the problem. Having a well-maintained air conditioning unit will help it continue to operate for a longer time. You may even qualify for financing options if you need to pay for the repair.

Depending on the cause of the AC repair, the cost can vary greatly. Some problems require a simple fix while other repairs can involve more labor and time. Whether or not you’re going to have to replace the entire unit is a decision that should be made with care. Usually, a damaged unit will be more expensive to fix than to replace. It is also important to remember that repairing a unit without knowing how to do it will leave you liable for future repairs.

The number of replacement parts you need can also impact the price of an AC repair. A new air conditioning unit can be a great way to lower your utility bills. Typically, it has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you plan on purchasing a home with a cooling system, check the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you’ll be able to get the service you need.

If your AC is making strange noises, there may be something wrong with the compressor or evaporator coil. A technician will likely request see your unit before repairing it. They will look for any signs of trouble to determine the extent of the issue. These issues may be caused by debris inside the unit or a refrigerant leak.

Depending on the severity of the problem, you can expect an emergency call-out fee. Most AC technicians charge between $75 and $200 for a basic service call, which covers their time in diagnosing the problem and the cost of any replacement parts. During times of high demand, such as the busy summer season, you may be charged an additional $160 to $250 per hour.

The age of the unit can also affect the cost of an AC repair. An older unit may be harder to find replacement parts for. Moreover, you will have to pay more to repair an older model because it’s less likely to be in top shape. Unless your AC is covered under a warranty, it’s usually best to avoid repairing it yourself.

It’s also a good idea to change the air filter regularly. Having a dirty air filter can lead to diminished airflow and increased moisture. Also, a clogged filter can cause a leaking freon leak.

Having a water leak in the AC is a major concern. This can damage the unit and cause extensive water damage. Ideally, you should have the problem repaired as soon as possible. Similarly, a burning smell from the AC is a sign of a more serious problem.

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