Home Heating Unit Tune Up

Close-up of man performing a maintenance test on a heat pump unit

Having your home heating unit tuned up on a regular basis is important to ensure that it is running efficiently. An inefficient system will work harder to maintain the desired temperature, which will cost you more in energy costs. Performing regular maintenance can help keep unexpected repairs at bay.

furnace tune up can be beneficial for new furnace owners as well as those who have been using their unit for many years. This service is designed to make sure that your unit is working properly and is prepared for the upcoming cold season.

During the heating tune up, your HVAC technician will check the blower motor, the heat exchanger, and the connections. They will also test the airflow of your system, and will replace the air filters if necessary. This prevents the buildup of debris that can cause a number of problems with the air conditioning and heating system.

An inefficient heating system will fail to distribute the air evenly throughout your home, which will lead to uneven temperatures. This can be a problem, especially during the winter, when your home can be extremely cold. A furnace with a high efficiency can save you as much as 98 cents per dollar you spend on heating. Having your unit tuned up can save you money and avoid costly repairs.

If you have a gas-powered furnace, you should have a carbon monoxide sensor installed. This is an inexpensive safety device that will protect you and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. While you are at your heating tune up, your technician will check for carbon monoxide leaks. They will also check for rust and holes in your heat exchanger. These can form from the expansion of metal. This can be a sign that your system is nearing the end of its life.

If you are experiencing high energy costs or an increase in repair calls, it is time to have your home heating unit tuned up. It is also a good idea to have your furnace replaced if it is old and inefficient. While replacing a furnace is a big expense, it is well worth the savings you will experience in the long run.

The best time to have your heating system tuned up is in the spring. The change in the weather will allow your HVAC tech to have easier access to your system. This will reduce the chances of your unit breaking down during the coldest parts of the year.

If you have a humidifier, it is also a good idea to have your system tuned up in the fall. This will not only reduce the risk of your unit breaking down during the winter, but it will also help prevent allergens from building up inside your house.

While a tune up is not required by law, it is a good idea to have it done as a way to avoid having to have repairs performed on your unit. This will not only keep your equipment in tip-top shape, it will also help you stay on top of your energy bills.

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