How to Keep an AC Unit Running Great Year Round

Air conditioner and heat pump units outside home

A simple way to ensure that your air conditioner keeps running at its peak efficiency is to clean it regularly. Here are some tips: Check the air filters, clean condenser coils, and check air vents. Using a fan to cool the room can also help. But don’t use a fan as an AC unit. Instead, use your fan to keep the interior cool. Those are just a few of the things you can do to make your air conditioner run smoothly and efficiently.

Air filters

There are several ways to clean the air filter. While disposable filters are thrown away after the first use, permanent filters are reusable. The latter have metal frames and a special coating. To clean them, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In some cases, you should clean the air filter by vacuuming away the dust and debris. If you want to avoid the hassle of removing and replacing the filter every time, buy a high-grade filter.

Cleaning condenser coils

You may be wondering how to clean your condenser coils. The first step in keeping your AC unit running well is to remove any large pieces of debris from the coils. To do this, you can use a coil brush, which has stiff bristles about half-way between a wire brush and a hand broom. Use the brush to clean the coils in parallel fashion, knocking off loose dust and hair. Then, you can use a fine brush to correct any issues you might encounter.

Checking air vents

A few easy things can help your AC unit run better. Checking the air vents on your walls and floors is one of them. If you find that there is no air coming in, then your AC unit’s air handler might be having problems. This part of the system contains the air filter, blower, and an indoor unit. It should be about fifteen to twenty degrees cooler than the outside air.

Using a fan as an air conditioner

Using a fan instead of your AC can reduce your electricity bill, as the fan will circulate cool air throughout your home. Running an AC unit on high settings can quickly wear out your unit, so using a fan instead can help you save money in the long run. Additionally, by using a fan to circulate cool air, you can lower the temperature in your home and keep your AC running great all summer long.

Sealing refrigerant leaks

A common mistake people make when trying to maintain their air conditioners is to assume that a leak is impossible to repair. In fact, even the most experienced and talented technicians will find ways to prevent leaks and even repair them. To keep your AC running great, seal any leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are several ways to seal leaks, and the following are a few of the most common.

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