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Are you stuck sweating or shivering at home anytime bad weather appears? Is that old mini-split system repeatedly breaking down, costing you more and more in repairs? It could be time for certified mini-split replacement.

Finding replacement services from local installers can improve your sense of comfort while also keeping heating and cooling bills more affordable. The knowledgeable pros at Sure Temp Air Conditioning are more than happy to help you find the best possible replacement mini-split for your home or commercial property before ensuring powerful performance from the beginning. Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to year-round comfort and convenience!

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How is Mini-Split Replacement Separate from Installation?

Whether you’re starting new construction or just tossing out broken equipment, replacement mini-split installation is nonetheless a big commitment. But with skilled installers handling the whole process, all you have to do is sit back and relax as we work. We understand the differences between new and replacement installation, since replacement also means removing the current unit. This step is just as important as hooking up the replacement, as secure hookups help keep a replacement mini-split system functioning like it should.

With so many makes and models to explore, it’s easy to understand that researching potential replacements for your mini-split can be confusing. But that’s not a problem, because our mini-split specialists will work with you to evaluate your needs, recommending a system that meets both your preferences and budget. Plus, with professional upkeep like mini-split maintenance, new equipment can last for a long time.

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Five Things to Keep in Mind About Mini-Split Replacement



Mini-splits are already compact HVAC systems versus central, forced-air systems such as a furnace or air conditioner. That being said, your replacement mini-split needs to be properly sized for cost-effective performance. A mini-split that’s too small will have to run for much longer than necessary, while excessively large models can cause problems such as short cycling that require mini-split repair. Trained installers understand how to consider square footage, the local climate and other factors when recommending specific models.

Energy Efficiency

Be on the lookout for mini-split models featuring high energy-efficiency ratings to save more on energy bills. Also, it’s smart to keep in mind that AC-only mini-splits utilize the SEER energy efficiency rating system while heat pump models are rated by both SEER and HSPF. You should compare one or both for a more complete understanding of any given model’s efficiency.



Energy Efficiency

Be on the lookout for mini-split models featuring strong energy-efficiency ratings to save on energy bills. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that AC-only mini-splits use the SEER energy efficiency rating system while heat pump models are scored by both SEER and HSPF. You should compare one or both for a better understanding of a particular model’s efficiency.

Ventilation Requirements

Mini-splits are also referred to as ductless mini-splits because they don’t require conventional air ducts. According to where you’re installing the replacement mini-split, an alternate option for climate control could be more advantageous. For example, especially significant renovations or sizeable additions to the property could make a more powerful system a better option.



Total Budget

Don’t let budget surprises stop you from enjoying a complete sense of comfort. Sure Temp Air Conditioning offers efficient mini-split systems that suit even the smallest of budgets. More important, mini-splits that will provide everything you need for total comfort satisfaction.


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A failing mini-split system can’t give it’s best anymore. At Sure Temp Air Conditioning, we are committed to making the mini-split replacement process as hassle-free as possible. Friendly, certified mini-split installers can make sure that your system is replaced correctly, with the new model serving you for years to come. Give us a call today at 480-307-7784 to request a free quote for mini-split replacement in Mesa.

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