Choosing a Trane Central Air Conditioner

When purchasing a central air conditioner, select one with high energy efficiency and quality. Trane is an excellent brand to do just this.

They are well known for creating durable products with proven longevity. Furthermore, all their systems come backed with an extensive warranty coverage plan.

Trane XL16i

Trane offers an expansive range of air conditioning systems designed to meet varying needs. Their products range from single room air conditioners to commercial systems capable of cooling entire buildings. In addition, heat pumps from Trane provide effective means of keeping homes warm during winter.

This unit has been certified with an energy star label, so you may qualify for rebates or tax credits when using it.

The XL16i comes equipped with our innovative WeatherGuard II and all-aluminum Spine Fin outdoor coil, both proven to deliver reliable comfort for years of dependable comfort in your home. Together these features offer unsurpassed reliability for years of reliable comfort in your home.

XL16i stands out with its Climatuff compressor, one of the most robust and powerful available. Not only will it last longer and run quietlyer and smarter, but its low energy costs could save money over time.

Lastly, the XL16i features enhanced airflow and improved filtration, so you’ll experience cleaner, healthier air in your home. Furthermore, this model can also be coupled with Trane CleanEffects technology to remove more dust, pollen and other pollutants from the conditioned air in your home.

Expect to pay between $4,900 and $12,500 for a new XL16i system, depending on its size and installation needs. Please keep in mind that dual-fuel systems require either an electric air handler or gas furnace in order to function optimally, so these components must also be included as part of their installation.

Trane is an established brand known for producing quality products designed for both residential and commercial use. Their durable products boast long warranties (ten-year parts and 12-year compressor warranty); however, you must register the unit within 60 days to avail yourself of their full terms.

Trane XR13

Trane air conditioning systems are created with you in mind, providing reliable comfort you can depend on year round. Their two-stage cooling technology ensures even temperature distribution throughout your home for year-round cooling comfort.

This air conditioning unit boasts an incredible 10-year limited warranty covering its compressor, coil and other internal functional parts – an amazing value at this price point!

The XR13 air conditioner offers efficient, energy-saving cooling to keep your home more comfortable during hot summer days while helping save on utility costs. It can help save you money on utility costs as well.

It is one of the finest air conditioners on the market and represents great value, having been around for over 20 years.

Air conditioners manufactured with high-grade materials offer another significant advantage, and have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are durable and long-lasting.

Climatuff compressors, for instance, are widely considered one of the most durable and dependable units available, making this air conditioner an excellent choice for homeowners who desire low-cost yet worry-free comfort.

In addition, the XR13 features a DuraTuff base pan that does not corrode or rust, giving your air conditioner an indestructible foundation without leakage risks.

The XR13 comes equipped with a variable speed fan and Comfort-R control that enhances airflow and humidity regulation during start-up, making it easier to regulate home temperatures while simultaneously cutting energy costs.

No matter what kind of air conditioning unit you choose, it is crucial that you locate an installer who meets all your requirements. Make sure the company you hire has been operating for an extended period with excellent online reviews before receiving multiple quotes so that you can secure the most cost-effective service provider for you.

Trane XL18

The Trane XL18 air conditioner is a high-efficiency two-stage unit backed by an exceptional warranty, designed for quiet performance with long-term energy savings potential. Certified as an ENERGY STAR product, you could save on energy costs with this model and may qualify for high efficiency rebates!

Interested in an air conditioning system designed for longevity and efficiency? Consider this entry-level Trane model equipped with Climatuff compressor technology and Spine Fin outdoor coil. These features promise increased energy savings, durability and performance over standard alternatives.

It has a SEER rating of 17 to make it an effective solution for cooling homes in Canada, while its long warranty should help to minimize costly repairs in the future.

Trane’s XL18 central air conditioners provide reliable and cost-effective cooling in larger or older homes, particularly when faced with tough environmental conditions. Equipped with an industrial Climatuff compressor and all-aluminum Spine Fin outdoor coil, each Trane XL18 central AC features heavy-duty components designed to stand up against even harshest of climate conditions, they ensure efficient home comfort year after year.

This unit boasts an upgraded fan, corrosion-resistant components and sound insulation technology. Certain models even include ComfortLink II for communicative support to optimize cooling output according to conditions within your home.

The XL18 central air conditioner is Energy Star certified and comes in both two-stage and variable speed options to meet the specific cooling needs of your home. Variable-speed options will increase efficiency while improving airflow to specific rooms within your home.

Are you curious to learn more about the XL18 air conditioner? Reach out to us and our team will provide a complimentary quote!

Trane is an industry staple with one of the best reputations for producing reliable, efficient and long-lasting heating and cooling products. They’ve been creating home HVAC systems since 1885, always striving to enhance both their quality and design.

When purchasing a central air conditioning system, it is crucial that you conduct extensive research in order to find a high-quality brand that can fulfill your needs. A brand is only as good as those selling and installing it; be sure to select a contractor with high quality ratings who has factory training as well as Comfort Specialist certification – both criteria which require meeting stringent efficiency and installation standards.

Trane XL20

The Trane XL20 air conditioner offers homeowners looking for an energy-saving unit an affordable way to reduce energy bills. Rated as one of the highest rated models within its price range and certified as an ENERGY STAR model, this can qualify for rebates which could reduce its total cost further.

Trane products come with an exceptional warranty that exceeds what’s typically found from basic HVAC brands. Their Climatuff compressor and corrosion-resistant components are built to withstand even the harshest environments while their variable-speed fan optimizes efficiency even on hot days.

The XL20 features TruComfort technology which automatically adjusts in increments as small as 1% to provide precise yet comfortable cooling – saving both money and effort by keeping your home cool without unnecessary adjustments to the thermostat.

This model also features Trane’s proprietary Spine Fin coil design – one of the most efficient air conditioning coils available and one of its patented technologies – making for easier maintenance and longer lifespan of your system. Other brands utilize similar coil designs, but Trane’s model stands out by being easier to clean and prolong its lifespan.

If you’re searching for an energy efficient air conditioner to beat Canada’s scorching summers, this model should be your go-to pick. With an 18 SEER rating that can effectively cool any size home and save considerable on energy bills, this unit could be just what’s necessary.

Trane’s XL20 air conditioner is one of its most advanced models, featuring all their patented technologies and exclusive components such as the Climatuff compressor for longer durability, an all-aluminum Spine Fin coil, and ComfortLink II communication capability.

It features a refrigerant-cooled inverter drive for easier temperature regulation in your entire house, while its variable-speed fan optimizes efficiency while remaining quieter than traditional air conditioners.

The XL20 air conditioner is one of the top choices for Canadian homeowners who value reliability and durability in an air conditioner, along with offering a competitive warranty and efficiency ratings of 14 SEER/ENERGY STAR certification – saving them both money on their energy costs.

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